Ötzi The Iceman VS Fred Flintstone

Ötzi The Iceman VS Fred Flintstone

Ötzi The Iceman VS Fred Flintstone
Cover fred vs otzi
Battle information
Release date April 6th, 2015
Number 8
Views 87
Length 2:05
Previous Jim Henson VS Walt Disney
Next Gordon Gekko VS Adam Smith
Rappers Ötzi The Iceman short picFred Flintstone short pic

The 8th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles features Ötzi The Iceman and Fred Flintstone to see who is the better prehistoric caveman.

The BattleEdit

Ötzi The Iceman:

It's Ötzi The Iceman and I got my plan,

to take down this prehistoric Superman.

I'll take this fight while he'll do nothing but groaning,

Cause his raps are forgettable as his own son, Stoney.

This Modern Stone Age wreck can't face evolution!

So with his stupidity I give my solution,

Don't use creatures for furniture or plates!

Or things might fire up like Mr. Slate!

Fred Flintstone:

Cleary Ötzi hasn't met The Flintstones,

cause Flintstones flintpwn anything they flintown!

I got my own cereal! You get curse of a pharaoh!

Just like your shoulder I shoot you with an arrow!

From the prehistoric era of Hanna-Barbera,

With this face so ugly, you'll need mascara.

When it comes to me, I guarentee a grand slam!

Cause with my club, I'll hit you like Bam Bam!

Ötzi The Iceman:

You call yourself kids icon, you bring no cheer!

Ugh! All you ever do is smoke and drink beer!

Science find me adoring, kids find you so boring,

Even when I make news, people finally applauding!

I'd rather see The Jetsons than your show,

Cause we all know your viewers are cleary Flintstoned!

You can't handle my raps from this Hauslabjoch Mummy!

You'll be regretted just like your movie!

Fred Flintstone:

People knowing you? You cleary must be decieving ya,

After this rap, they'll look you up on Wikipedia!

I ask you to go back to your hunting and scavenging

or find a cavewoman to go on and pass a gene.

with your family tree short when you're under the ice,

With you're Copper Axe until you're sliced and diced.

Try all your birch fungus, that's not gonna heal you,

I cleary won this battle with a YABBA DABBA DOO!


  • This battle was released within almost a year since Jim Henson VS Walt Disney
  • The Beat is called Hidden Cave [Instrumental} Rap Beat and can be found here
  • This 8th Installment was gonna be Gordon Gekko VS Adam Smith but was put in the next battle instead
  • This is the first battle to feature no hints in the end
  • Stoney is misspelled with Stony
  • This is the first battle made in IMovie on Dragon's IPad