Character information
Full name Ariel
First appearance 1837
The Little Mermaid
Physical description
Hair Red
Eyes Blue
Rap battle information
Appeared in Ariel VS Aquaman
Vs Aquaman
Release date May 27th, 2016

Ariel is a character that went up against Aquaman in Ariel VS Aquaman.

Info About The RapperEdit

Ariel is a character that first appeared in the novel, The Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Andersen. The story would later adapt and be popularized by The 1989 Disney Film of the same name voiced by Jodi Benson. On her 16th Birthday Ariel had the desire to go and discover the outside world, even collecting stuff and hiding it in a special spot from her father. One day, her father, King Triton, found out about this and destroyed her spot. Upset, Ariel made a deal with Ursula, a sea witch who traded her voice for feet. Ariel would meet the man she once saved, Prince Eric, as the two would fall in love despite her being mute. Upset, Ursula would take Triton's trident and try to rule the seas until killed by a ship by Prince Eric, where in the end, would marry Ariel.

Ariel is one of the most popular Disney Princesses due to her film bringing back Disney on the map creating The Disney Renaissance. Her music in the film is also largely popular winning both Academy and Grammy Awards for songs such as Part of Your World, Under The Sea, and Kiss The Girl.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Set off my first debut for a return as a Part of Walt Disney's world

While your first debut had Mamoa with looks that make me wanna hurl

The Disney MC takes on DC's King of the seas

To which in defeat is beastly, leave him unclean like it's BP

saltier than any of the seven seas to leave this battle soaked

cause it's a Challenge of the Superfriends that you're a complete joke

Even Scuttle can tell that this dinglehopper is a disaster

forget your brother, Orm, for i'm the true Ocean Master

Verse 2:

Please my sequel became a part of a cult classic pursuit

since at least my kid didn't die from a villain in a diver suit

This Mermaid Man was better off sending out Barnacle Boy

but he's in a Tempest so this dude's left for sea horses to deploy

I have the voice of an angel, winning all sorts of Grammy Awards

While King Arthur always gets outclassed by The Sub-Mariner, Namor

I even have Mickey, Donald, and Goofy to show who rules the sea and land

So in the end I'll leave you cut out like it was to your left hand!

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