Blacula photoshopped
Character information
Full name Prince Mamuwalde
Nickname(s) Blacula
First appearance August 25th 1972
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Vampires VS Vampire Hunters
Vs The Vampire Hunters
Release date July 16th, 2015

Blacula was one of the characters who was a part of The Vampires who went up against The Vampire Hunters in Vampires VS Vampire Hunters. He went up against Blade

Info about the rapperEdit

Prince Mamuwalde later known as Blacula is the star of The Blaxploitation film series, Blacula. In 1780 Mamuwalde and his wife Luva asks Dracula for help in supressing slavery. Dracula refuses and turns The Prince into a vampire and is renamed into Blacula as Dracula leaves Luva to suffer.

It wasn't until 1972 where his coffin was moved from Transylvania to Los Angeles where he kills many people. He later finds his wife who is reincarnated to Tina. Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas is discovering the evidence and eventually finds out as Blacula bites Tina who later is kill. After Tina is killed, Blacula can't take it any more and commits suicide by stepping out into the sunlight.


Verse 1:

Step on the mic for its Dracula's Soul Brother

When it comes to Blaxploitation Stars there ain't no other

Slapping foes in afros til I bite their necks

While even Sandman does a better job at killing the undead

You hunt down vampires and become a Nightstalker,

Until Morbius came down and made you a Daywalker

You should've learned not to rap against with this African Prince, Blade

Cause after this, I'll walk into the club for some Champagne

Scrapped Lyrics:

Looks like it's Slim in Shadeys is against Dracula's Soul Brother


Fire all you want, I'm completley bulletproof