Brett Favre
Favre render.
Character information
Birth name Brett Lorenzo Favre
Nickname(s) The Gunslinger
Born October 10, 1969
Physical description
Hair Blond/Brown
Eyes Green
Rap battle information
Appeared in Brett Favre VS Pelé
Vs Pelé
Release date June 29, 2014

Brett Favre is a character that went up against Pelé in Brett Favre VS Pelé.

Info about the rapperEdit

Brett Favre (October 10th 1969) had a interest in football, he started in College as a Quarterback and later in the NFL. He was a part of many teams including The Vikings, Green Bay Packers, The Falcons, and The Jets. He won 2 Superbowls and created many records including Most Pass Touchdowns, Most Pass Yards, Most Pass Completions, Most Pass Attempts, Most Pass Interceptions, Most Starts, and Most Wins as of 2014.  He retired in 2011 as a Coach for Oak Groove High School. He made a lot of mistakes in the past (Sexting Jenn Sterger, Drinking Problems, etc) but never the less he is a NFL Legend.


Verse 1:

Time to take down this old hack,

Gonna need a refund of 4C and a Quarterback.

I'm as strong as a Viking so you better Escape to Victory,

my raps will be successful as my fourward charity!

I tackle down my foes, while you just have nice trips,

You should take a swim at The Green Bay or at least a dip.

I take flight of a Falcon or perhaps a Jet,

You disadantage sports by kicking a ball into the net.

Verse 2:

Alright it seems you have fired a Hotshot,

But I had more competition from where I fought,

Your drinking Sierra Mist and having New Emirates Airline,

Your going all 1st class but you don't even try!

Cause your gonna get Tack'd Down, Touchdowned, and Pinned.

Thats 187 for the total of my wins!


I got 186 winsand i'll add one more

Cause Real Football is entertainment while your football makes me bored


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Trivia Edit

  • He is the first alive person to rap
  • He is the first real person to rap
  • He is the first athlete to rap. The 2nd is Pelé
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