Brett Favre VS Pelé

Brett Favre VS Pelé

Brett Favre VS Pelé

Brett Favre VS Pelé
Dragon 2
Battle information
Release date June 29, 2014
Number 2
Views 72
Length 2:00
Previous Link VS King Arthur
Next Professor X VS Shawn Spencer
Rappers Favre short picPelé short pic

The 2nd installment of Dragon's rap battles features Brett Favre and Pelé  to see which is the better football; Europe or American Football.

The BattleEdit

Brett Favre:

Time to take down this old hack,

Gonna need a refund of 4C and a Quarterback.

I'm as strong as a Viking so you better Escape to Victory,

my raps will be successful as my fourward charity!

I tackle down my foes, while you just have nice trips,

You should take a swim at The Green Bay or at least a dip.

I take flight of a Falcon or perhaps a Jet,

You disadantage sports by kicking a ball into the net.


Please, the real football is what you call "soccer".

Go back to shopping for shoes at The Foot Locker.

You were a superstar but ended up coaching a high school class,

When you texted Sterger about giving her a "Forward Pass".

There's something about Marriage you just need to know,

Is to stick to your wife and get away from the hoes.

But then you started drinking, which became much worse,

You're breaking down Brett! Just call me The Madden Curse!

Brett Favre:

Alright it seems you have fired a Hotshot,

But I had more competition from where I fought,

You're drinking Sierra Mist and having New Emirates Airline,

You're going all 1st class but you don't even try!

Cause you're gonna get Tack'd Down, Touchdowned, and Pinned.

Thats 187 for the total of my wins!


When I rap, I just add a brand new layer,

Give it up man, just call me the Pelé-r.

Challenging me is one big mistake,

When you just got burn just like your house of steaks.

Seriously, you just clearly lost this fight!

Go back to the bar and just maybe order a Budlight!


  • This is the first battle based on an event (The 2014 World Cup)
  • The beat is called Motivational Basketball Hip Hop Beat and can be found here
  • There were many grammar errors with your and you're
  • It was hinted near the end of Link VS King Arthur
  • Professor X VS Shawn Spencer was hinted in the end