Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone photoshopped
Character information
Birth name Daniel Boone
Born November 2nd 1734
Died September 26th 1820 (Age 85)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Steve VS Daniel Boone
Vs Steve
Release date May 11th 2015

Daniel Boone is a character that went up against Steve in Steve VS Daniel Boone.

Info About The RapperEdit

Daniel Boone (November 2nd 1734 - September 26th 1820) was an American pioneer who explored Kentucky where he faced off against a native american tribe known as The Shawnees. 

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Really? PETA? You're the one to talk about that rule

Klling sheeps and pigs all thanks to your tools.

Get out of creative, for your no god!

Adn your game's been so long all because of your mods.

I went through the shawnees, and survived the cold

While your game is mostly played by 9 year olds

Got Kentucky as a state since my arrival,

While even Terrarria is a better game for survival!

Verse 2:

Must be disconnected, I was looking for a Server

Survivalist? Please, more like a first person observer!

Why don't you just go back and hang with Master Chief

With a Flintlock Rifle, You know I got beef!

I don't care about your dragons and Wither for the villain

Instead I wonder why there's human squidwards in your village.

With an endless world, it's no wonder why your sources are unlimited

But if you survived the real world, YOUR SOURCES ARE LIMITED!