The fonz png
Character information
Full name Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli
Nickname(s) Fonzie
The Fonz
First appearance January 15, 1974
Happy Days: All The Way
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Steve Urkel VS Fonzie
Vs Steve Urkel
Stefan Urquelle
Release date June 9th 2015

Fonzie is a character that went up against Steve Urkel  and Stefan Urquelle  in Steve Urkel VS Fonzie and was backed up by Richie Cunningham .

Info About The RapperEdit

Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli otherwise known as Fonzie or The Fonz is a character played Henry Winkler on the show Happy Days. He is known to the cool guy with his motocycle, being a ladies man, and hitting the broken jukebox and it magically work. He using the catch phrase "Sit on It" and giving the thumbs up with "Ayyyyyyyyy".

He dines out at Arnold's and hangs with his pal Richie Cunningham.He invented the term Jumping The Shark is when a good show is reaching its decline, which comes from an episode where Fonzie was on jump skis and jumps over a shark. Fonzie has become one of the most iconic TV characters in the history of television. He has even got a statue in Wisconsion completley made of Bronze.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days

It's time Stevo learns about the cool way.

Whose got the statue completely made of bronze,

And to win this battle? Ayyyy definitely The Fonz!

You against me? This can't be real!

This will go more violent than that sketch with Key & Peele.

While I hit the Jukebox and dine out at Arnold's

You get rejected by Laura and keep bothering Carl!

Verse 2:

Steve, Steve, Steve, why can't you see

Defeating you is as easy as ABC

I was a main at the start, you had to climb the ladder

And the main purpose to ruin the whole purpose of Family Matters!

Verse 3:

That's enough from the spandex of a wannable geezer

I'll be off and go jam with the band Weezer,

To Be Continued? No, not this time!

Finish him off Richie, for it's your time to shine!