Frodo and Sam
Frodo and Sam photoshopped
Character information
Full name Frodo Baggins
Sam Gamgee
First appearance July 29th 1954
Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Physical description
Hair Brown (Frodo)
Blonde (Sam)
Eyes Both Blue
Rap battle information
Appeared in Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay VS Frodo and Sam
Vs Hillary and Norgay
Release date May 30th, 2015

Frodo and Sam are a duo that went up against Hillary and Norgay in Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay VS Frodo and Sam.

Info About The RappersEdit

Frodo and Sam are a duo that contains of Frodo Baggins, and Sam Gamgee, are from the series Lord of The Rings who are hobbits from The Shire living in peace until Gandalf teels them to get rid of the ring Bilbo had, and throw it into Mount Doom to stop Sauron from ultimate power.

The LyricsEdit

Frodo and Sam Verse 1:

It's Frodo and Sam! Straight from The Shire!

You reached your peak, you two must be tired.

Our journey is to stop Sauron and greed addiction

While your journey is just for some dumb competition.

I'm a Hip Hop Hobbit, T-Baggin your lives!

Mr. Frodo T-bags as much as Norgay's wives!

The Mirror of Galadriel predicts your gonna be ripped

For trying to outrap our Fellowship!

Frodo and Sam Verse 2:

Sam, you think you feel any remorse?

Well, they fall more short than Edmund at the air force.

Let's say we spit hot rhymes all the way from Mount Doom

More deadlier than a Balrog sitting in a room.

We are the best of the best! We're sure to be bragging!

This Sherpa and Captain Boomerang better be Baggins.

It seems Mr. Frodo, these raps have been broken.

It's simple cause they got served by J.R.R. Tolkein!