Gobo Fraggle
Gobo Fraggle
Character information
Full name Gobo Fraggle
First appearance January 10th 1983
Fraggle Rock
Physical description
Hair Purple
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Jim Henson VS Walt Disney
Vs Walt Disney
Release date July 3rd, 2014

Gobo Fraggle was one of the characters backing up Jim Henson  went up against Walt Disney , Chuck Jones , and Hayao Miyazaki in Jim Henson VS Walt Disney .

Info about the rapperEdit

Gobo Fraggle is an adventurer in Fraggle Rock after his Uncle Travelling Matt who has been travelling around the world.


Verse 1:

Send you to Fraggle Ro-


  • His named in the video was mispelled as Gobbo
  • He is the 2nd character to be interrupted the first was Professor X
    • However he is the first interrupted by his own side (Guy Smiley)