Gordon Gekko
Gekko png
Character information
Full name Gordon Gekko
Nickname(s) Junk Bond King
First appearance December 11th 1987
Wall Street
Physical description
Hair Grey
Eyes Grey
Rap battle information
Appeared in Gordon Gekko VS Adam Smith
Vs Adam Smith
Release date April 28th 2015

Gordon Gekko is a character that went up against Adam Smith in Gordon Gekko VS Adam Smith.

Info About The RapperEdit

Gordon Gekko is a stock broker and the main antagonist in the film series Wall Street. Gordon is a legendary Wall Street player that Bud Fox looks up to whom is hired by Gekko for an inside job on Bluestar Airlines which Bud's father works for. Bud learns that Gekko plans to dissolve the company and sell off Bluestar's assets in order to access cash in the company's pension plan, leaving workers at Bluestar unemployed. Bud hides a wire in his collar to get a confession from Gekko which he does leading Gekko to prison. Gekko is a character that is praised by critics and is known by his "Greed is Good" Speech. 

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Get out of here Smith! For time is money

it also can be as sweet as milk and honey.

I'm known by Film Institutes and Forbes Magazine,

i'm the top hat to your thimble in this Monopoly!

I can be like Francis, and have you enlightened,

but if its a battle you want then prepare for a fighting.

I take Warren Buffet and Karl Marx

and put them to the edge of my cigerette to light the spark.

You were captured by gypsies at the age of 3

with foolishness like that go back to Kirkcaldy!

For i'm running this show! Is that understood?

Cause you should know by now that Greed is Good!

Verse 2:

I'm Supreme! I soar high like Bluestar Airlines

while noboyd invests in any of your rhymes.

I get millions of praise from the academy

while all you got is a top at some university

I built it all up with my own wit

while your two books are just polar opposites

Wealth Of Nations is crap! And so is Moral Sentiments!

And your breath so bad, you're gonna need a peppermint!

Do you really want me to express my rapper aggression

Cause I bring you so low, we'll call it The Great Depression

and my best verse is done! This is where I park it!

For i'm the stock broker who owns The Stock Market

Lost Lyrics:

It seems that I have hit a bump

to a man's land who shall be a golf course, thanks to my man Trump

No need for Moral Sentiments cause I know Greed is good

You and me as equal? Please, the idea's misunderstood

I tell you Mr. Adam Smith will certainly get beat

since he dares tries to step into the world of Wall Street!

Francis, should have told you not to mess with me

Call me Rich Uncle Penny Bags, cause I own the Monopoly

No need for boring lectures from Edinburgh University

or any of your ethnic philosophy

but go ahead outrap me if you can

but either way I'll beat you like I did to Wildman


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