Gus Guster
Gus photoshop
Character information
Full name Burton Guster II
Nickname(s) Gus
First appearance July 7th 2006
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Professor X VS Shawn Spencer
Vs Professor X
Release date July 2nd 2014

Gus is a character that backed up Shawn Spencer and went up against Professor X and Magneto in Professor X VS Shawn Spencer.

Info about the rapperEdit

Burton "Gus" Guster is a character from the show Psych on The USA Network. Gus and Shawn were best friends ever since childhood to now running the psych buisness together, however, Gus is also doing other types of jobs while doing this. He is known while being a coward he is also loyal to Shawn.



ITS GUS TIME! And I got your back Shawn!

Cause these 2 bozos 3rd film failed more then Spawn!

You think your good at rapping but you just metal bend,

Well I tell you, I just psyched you out in the end!

Scrapped Lyrics:

Call me Jax, cause Its about time I rip your spline,

cause you get killed enough by The Wolverine!