Hugh Hefner
Hugh Hefner
Character information
Birth name Hugh Marston Hefner
Born April 9th 1926
Died September 7th 2017 (Age 91)
Physical description
Hair Grey
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Hugh Hefner VS Casanova
Vs Casanova
Susan B. Anthony
Release date November 11th, 2015

Hugh Hefner is a character that went up against Casanova and later Susan B. Anthony in Hugh Hefner VS Casanova.

Info About The RapperEdit

Hugh Hefner (April 9th 1926) is the founder of Playboy Magazine which has became a popular enterprise that even got him a mansion known as Playboy Mansion. Before Playboy, Hefner was an editor in chief during World War II and afterwards a copywriter for Esquire until denied for a raise.

He founded Playboy in 1953 after funded enough money. His company is known for exploding women in magazines and calendars which is sold over 50,000 copies. While his company is controversial, Hefner is actually a feminist activist and always respects his models known as Playboy Bunnies.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Face of playboy, the Don Juan at Mi Casa spitting SuperNovas

If this synonym says he can win, I understand the super noses

Here's a Grand Tour through my mansion, oh now that I remember

You were right, nobody's better than Henriette, she's on the cover in December

Your monk endeavours didn't last till After Dark, not a single night

While I have writers that shine bright upon my mingle enterprise!

So while all your girls are fading, pick up the mag by your side

You'll see amazing illusions, playmates and the Story of My Life

Verse 2:

I'm an activist, a philanthropist, so why should I be standing this?

You're acting as if you did more than just be a demanding bitch!

You lied and gambled, spyed till in shackles and always rambled

Obsessed with magic? Well I'm for sure a word magician in this battle!

Disgraced everywhere, so this boasting noble man seeked for honour

But why bother? You'd end up always leaving like your mother and father!

You blow at jobs like my bunnies hip hop! I'll burn your memoir down to the letter!

It's evident, you can't be better than this Veteran, you'll never be as Hugh as Hefner!


  • His lines were written by Meatholl
  • He is the second rapper to have died after his battle's release. The first is Fidel Castro.