Jack Black VS Jack White

Jack Black VS Jack White

Jack Black VS Jack White
Cover jack black vs jack white
Battle information
Release date June 15th, 2015
Number 17
Views 122
Length 1:42
Previous Steve Urkel VS Fonzie
Next Colonel Sanders VS Gordon Ramsay
Rappers Jack Black short picJack White short pic

The 17th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Jack Black  and Jack White  to the see which musician/actor named Jack is better in the battle of Black VS White.

The BattleEdit

Jack White:

You should quit right now Jack, this won't go well

Cause i'm about to cure this disease like a White Blood Cell

Cause when it comes to musicians, you show no class

And you'll be forgettable as your partner, Kyle Gass

I'm certain that I am gonna win this fight

I'll even defeat The Metal with my Great Northren Lights!

Jack Black:

Alright Jack, but it's about to get awesome in here!

Cause when you Crossworlds, your end be near!

You can't destroy The Metal! You can't even handle it!

I be Raisin The Stakes while you need anger management!

I teach the School of Rock to drop the mic

After I add white stripes all over Meg White

Cause trust me man, it's just about to get loud

and I'm about to teach people how to make good sound!

Jack White:

Defeating me Jack would be a federal crime

So go back to Kids Choice Awards and be covered by slime!

Your Career has just called and asking where you been,

Cause you only got fame in the early 2000s

Jack Black:

So what? Not like anyone knew you at all!

Get Kung Fu Panda in here if you wanna brawl!

Now you should Be Kind Rewind, I didn't wanna have to do this,

But we should have renamed this battle to Jack Black VS John Gillis!


  • The Beat used in this battle is called Hardcore Metal Rap Instrumental - Rap Steel and can be found here
  • This is the 2nd name battle, the first being Davy Jones VS Davy Jones.
  • Renamed is misspelled with Remand and Gillis with Gillas