JIMMY John son
Jim Henson the png
Character information
Nickname(s) Jimmy
Born September 24th 1936
Died May 16th 1990 (Age 53)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Rap battle information
Appeared in Jim Henson VS Walt Disney
Vs Walt Disney
Release date July 31st, 2014

Jim Henson is a character that went up against Walt Disney , Chuck Jones, and Hayao Miyazaki in Jim Henson VS Walt Disney . He was backed up by The Muppets.

Info about the rapperEdit

James Maury "Jim" Henson (September 24th 1936-May 16th 1990) was a puppeteer that started since High School. One of his first characters was Kermit The Frog who came from a sliced ping pong ball, a sock, and his mother's green coat. In 1955 he had a series called Sam and Friends which lasted 6 years. In 1969 he was asked by Joan Cooney if he could work for her on a show called Seasame Street in which he agreed. From then on he made a lot of successful shows including The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, Dog City, etc. However his movies like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal wasn't recieved well. In other movies he worked on Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. He sadly passed away from a disease called Bacterial Pneumonia.



Time to see here what Walter brings,

cause your raps are uselss when i'm pulling the strings

I grew up on the Sesame Street and into the Dog City,

messing with me son? HA! you must be so gritty.

but first off i'm in shock of your hatrid of the jews,

so shocking better send it in a flash to the muppet news.

they say you were cryogenically frozen at some carribean rides,

Well unlike Osawld, Your not lucky when it comes to rhymes.

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