Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd png
Character information
Full name Joseph Dredd
Nickname(s) Judge Dredd
First appearance March 5th 1977
2000 AD No. 2
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Judge Dredd VS Judge Judy
Vs Judge Judy
Release date June 6th 2015

Judge Dredd is a character that went up against Judge Judy in Judge Dredd VS Judge Judy.

Info About The RapperEdit

Judge Dredd is a character from the UK comic series with the same name about a officer cloned from his father, Judge Frago. He is a part of Mega-City One and judges criminals with his lawgiver guns giving an atomic judgement working 24/7 and only given 10 minutes to sleep. He faces off against criminals, The Dark Judges (Fire, Fear, Mortis, and Death), Judges gone insane, and even his own brother Rico.

His series recieved two movies that being 1955's Judge Dredd where Dredd is played by Stallone and known for the quote "I AM THE LAW". The other film is the 2012 film Dredd played by Karl Urban.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Think you're better then Judge Dredd? Ha! You Wish!

I've seen better judging come from Judge Cal's Goldfish!

I have a full trial in seconds, therefore your show's misused,

Cause all you do is an hour of teen issues.

Cloned like my father, the first chief, Judge Fargo

Try to escape my raps, but you won't go far tho.

I went through Fire, Fear, Mortis and surpassed Death's Claws

You may battle me Judith but, I AM THE LAW!

Verse 2:

Keep it up Grandma, I spit Inferno bombs

I predicted your raps with

I dealt with alien and predator all for justice of course,

While you deal with people argueing over divorce!

Overthrew the Constitution, No 6th Amendment! No Fair Trial!

I senteced you to Devil's Island for your exile!

I end this rap now, for you to rap is persist,

Judge Judy's raps have been senteced, this case has been dismissed.


  • The Version of Judge Dredd in this is based off the 1995 Stallone Version.
  • He is the 3rd superhero to be in a DRB, alongside Professor X and Wonder Woman
  • He is the first clone to rap