Judge Dredd VS Judge Judy

Judge Dredd VS Judge Judy

Judge Dredd VS Judge Judy
Cover dredd vs judy
Battle information
Release date June 6th, 2015
Number 15
Views 102
Length 1:50
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The 15th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Judge Dredd  and Judge Judy  to see who is better judge.

The BattleEdit

Petri Hawkins-Byrd:

Order! All rise for the honorable Judge Judy

Judge Judy:

Thank you Byrd, but he'll be as rare as his movies.

You're a clone of your father like Jango to Boba Fett

Trapped in my courtroom! And my rulings are set!

You got armor and lawgiver guns to track punks down

but all I see is a RoboCop clown

Your Town is apocalypic! Fix your Unemployment rate,

be less strict, and make sugar legal for God sake!

Judge Dredd:

Think you're better then Judge Dredd? Ha! You Wish!

I've seen better judging come from Judge Cal's Goldfish!

I have a full trial in seconds, therefore your show's misused,

Cause all you do is an hour of teen issues.

Cloned like my father, the first chief, Judge Fargo

Try to escape my raps, but you won't go far tho.

I went through Fire, Fear, Mortis and surpassed Death's Claws

You may battle me Judith but, I AM THE LAW!

Judge Judy:

Mr. Dredd! I say, that was a pathetic retort!

I take redheads lke you and get them out of my court.

Mega-City One is nothing but a dreddful land,

Not to mention, you just been punched by The Batman!

I get millions of people to watch me on CBS

Cause when it comes to 2 judges, they know i'm the best.

Almost 20 years of my show and 900,000 dollars a week

While you work 24/7 with 10 minutes to sleep.

Judge Dredd:

Keep it up Grandma, I spit Inferno bombs

I predicted your raps with

I dealt with alien and predator all for justice of course,

While you deal with people argueing over divorce!

Overthrew the Constitution, No 6th Amendment! No Fair Trial!

I senteced you to Devil's Island for your exile!

I end this rap now, for you to rap is persist,

Judge Judy's raps have been senteced, this case has been dismissed.


  • The Beat used in this battle is called INSTRUMENTAL HIP HOP OLDSCHOOL RAP BEAT ( VU D ICI ) and can be found here
  • A major error in the battle is that the line "I went through Fire, Fear, Mortis, and surpeassed Death's Claws" doesn't appear in the video