King Arthur
King Arthur picture
Character information
Birth name King Arthur
Nickname(s) Arthur
Born Unknown
Died Unknown
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Rap battle information
Appeared in Link VS King Arthur
Vs Link
Release date June 26th 2014
King Arthur is a character that went against Link in Link VS King Arthur

Info about the rapperEdit

King Arthur is a medieval legend king. As a boy, Arthur was trained by Merlin, a wizard, and later pulled the sword out of the stone to make him a king. Once he was king gathered the best knights and had them at The Round Table at Camelot. In Literature he was in many adventures and even in a story betrayed and wounded by Mordred. He has appeared in popular media such as Monty Python and The Holy Grail, an animated series called King Arthur and The Knights of Justice, and is even believed to be a real person.


First Verse:

Look here! We got Peter Pan throwing valuable pots,

This boy is gonna get chopped up if he gets into Camelot.

Trust me, your whole family left you abandoned,

cause these raps will just be as dark as Ganon.

I'm already given a theory that I just might be real,

While my theory is to you just might reveal...

That no matter what you will always be friendzoned,

While Zelda will just pull the sword out of my stone.

Second Verse:

ahhh, is someone mad about CDI?

Cause you can Squadala all you want, cause you run out of lives!

Cause your rapping is confusing, just like your timeline,

So go play your Ocarina, cause this battle is mine.


  • King Arthur is the first character to rap in a battle
  • King Arthur is the first fictional character to rap in a battle
  • He is the first King to be in a Dragon Rap Battle

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