A magneto
Character information
Full name Max Eisenhardt
Nickname(s) Magneto
Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
Michael Xavier
"the Creator"
Erik the Red
White King
Grey King
White Pilgrim
Master of Magnetism
Mr. Sullivan
First appearance September 10, 1963
The X-Men #1
Physical description
Hair Silver
Eyes Grey
Rap battle information
Appeared in Professor X VS Shawn Spencer
Vs Shawn Spencer
Gus Guster
Release date July 2nd 2014

Magneto is a character that backed up Professor X and went up against Shawn Spencer and Gus Guster in Professor X VS Shawn Spencer.

Info about the rapperEdit

Born as Max Eisenhardt (later changed to Erik Lehnsherr) he was born in a jewish family during WWII taking it harsh within humanity. He discovered he had the power to Control Metal, Flight, and Force Fields. He met Charles Xiaver to save mutants however Erik said that humans and mutant can never live in peace while Charles disagree and they became frienemies (friend/enemy) and often play Chess together. Magneto had 2 kids who were The Scarlett Witch  and Quiksilver. He is the main villain of the X-Men and formed The Brotherhood of Evil however, when big trouble comes along Professor X and Magneto put their differences aside and team up.


Verse 1:

Charles! I Got This! Its Time For Magneto!

Against this guy who's probably comparable to Caputo!

All you do is find lost evidence like a hidden lost gem,

While I take Juliet to The House of M!

I'm like Quiksilver, cause my raps are fast,

While your childhood is just the days in the future's past.

This clearly proves that i'm the best!

Now Come On Charles, let get back to Chess.

Scrapped Lyrics:

I would rather face off against Lassie,

Your raps are transparent, Like Kitty Pride, They Pass me.


Xena VS Wonder Woman - He was in a photo in the break room along with Davy Jones (Monkees) , Steve Burns , and Link
Dragon Rap Battles Break Room


  • Magneto is the first villain to rap
  • Magneto is the first 3rd party rapper

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