Maximilien Robespierre VS Light Yagami

Maximilien Robespierre VS Light Yagami

Maximilien Robespierre VS Light Yagami
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Battle information
Release date June 1st, 2015
Number 14
Views 96
Length 2:26
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The 14th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Maximilien Robespierre  and Light Yagami  to see who is better when using death for justice.

The BattleEdit

Maximilien Robespierre:

Let's start by saying you're one in Maximilien

Cause I made the French Revolution led by its Civilians.

Killing of Monarchy, there's no way you can stop it

You should stop this fight and give back your notebook to Hot Topic.

I lead to an end of Louis XVI's rule

While i've been taught, your mangas been banned off from schools!

My country's now free with a smile like Mona Lisa,

With my justice, I bring more attractiveness to Misa!

Light Yagami:

You think you're scaring me? Ha! My raps remain casual!

I'm sure you'll freak out once you see the supernatural.

Those peasants are starving! Bring them bread and Salami.

And let me ask you something... Are you ready to see a Shinigami?

Your Reign of Terror ends! This is a job for Kira!

Looks like its gonna be the end of the French Revolutinary era.

Your name is in my Death Note, 40 seconds til you die!

But let me ask you something... Do you see a light?

Maximilien Robespierre:

Just because you're smart doesn't mean you're so great

You may have straight A's, but I still come to college at the age of 8.

30 seconds sure but I still got something til i'm dead,

People Come Out! And Then... OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

So prepare to face off against the Guillotine

You may have killed L, but Near was the one to stop your crimes!

How about I tell Miyakami and tell him you're nothing but a fraud

Cause even in my death I believe that you're no God!

(Light laughs menacly as The French Peasants  witness the death of Robespierre)

Light Yagami:

So much for The Committee of Public Safety

But wait didn't he also want to end slavery?

Oh well, its no wonder why i'm heading to the Guillotine

But it doesn't matter for it's my time to shine!

Well the end is near but hey, this rap has been fun!

But it seems like I got A HEAD! heh, sorry for the pun.

You Peasants are ugly! You mean to make me wanna hurl!


(Light gets his head cut off by The Guillotine)


  • The Beat used in this battle is called Death Note Rap Saimon Instrumental Deoxys Beats sub letra and can be found here.
  • This is the first battle to have a rapper die, that being both Light and Maximilien
  • Maximilien is mispelled is Maximillien
  • This is the first battle to feature a cameo