Orson Welles VS Morgan Freeman

Orson Welles VS Morgan Freeman

Orson Welles VS Morgan Freeman
Cover welles vs freeman
Battle information
Release date May 23rd, 2015
Number 12
Views 56
Length 1:45
Previous Steve VS Daniel Boone (Season 2 Premiere)
Next Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay VS Frodo and Sam
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The 12th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Orson Welles  and Morgan Freeman  to see who's got the lead voice.

The BattleEdit

Orson Welles:

Hello Morgan Freeman, my name's Orson Welles

If you know your Street Smart, this won't end well.

I made Citizen Kane, the best film of all time!

While your Love Guru, made a raspberry so fine

I'll take you down, to The Journey of Fear

No Exit here, but instead a kick in the rear!

Mess with me and you'll be in for a whirl,

For thinking you narrated better in War of the Worlds!

Morgan Freeman:

George Orson Welles; Completely Invictus

From a CBS radio and a Sci Fi Suspicion.

I narrated War of the Worlds cause you couldn't do it right

Like my superior voice, i'm sure to win this fight.

You do magic tricks just to keep things afloat

Like your crowd, Now you See Me; Now you don't!

With The Electric Company I keep things bright,

While your Heart Attack only gave An Unfinished Life!

Orson Welles (Radio Form):

Back to the radio to seek rappers worldwide,

To attack this Unleashed ball of slime!

London Has Fallen; I repeat, along with Olympus

The Sum Of Fears is up! Add this to your bucket list!

Get any weapon you need! Morgan's raps end today!

The trial has spoke Morg, your raps are guilty!

With riots at your house; The Chimes At The Midnight!

To show Orson Welles is the best rapper of all time!

Morgan Freeman:

Roar of Thunder, Hear My Cry,

He got you again but on purpose this time,

Everybody get back to your Long Way Homes

While I take Orson Welles right Through The Wormhole!

Your foolishness to rap is as Thick As Thieves,

I got Miss Daisy and The Dark Knight to Lean on Me!

I give Hard Rain to your raps that are drying,

You better get busy living or get busy dying!

I made a Deep Impact while you wrote screenplays

You are Unforgiven! This rap ends Today!

Like Macbeth, I'll behead this radio fraud

You call yourself a king, but you can't rap against God!


  • The Beat used in this battle is called Electronic Hip-Hop Rap Instrumental Beat - Sci-Fi Music and can be found here.