Pelé picture 2
Character information
Birth name Edson Arantes do Nascimento
Nickname(s) The Black Pearl
The King of Football
The King Pelé
The King
Born 23 October 1940
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Brett Favre VS Pelé
Vs Brett Favre
Release date June 29, 2014

Pelé is a character that went up against Brett Favre in Brett Favre VS Pelé.

Info about the rapperEdit

Edson Arantes do Nascimento (October 21st 1940) better known as Pelé was from Brazil and became a soccer player for The Santos and The NY Cosmos. He won a few World Cups during his time for his legendary goal kicks until He retired in 1977.


Verse 1:

Please, the real football is what you call "soccer".

Go back to shopping for shoes at The Foot Locker.

You were a superstar but ended up coaching a high school class,

When you texted Sterger about giving her a "Forward Pass".

There's something about Marriage you just need to know,

Is to stick to your wife and get away from the hoes.

But then you started drinking, which became much worse,

Your breaking down Brett! Just call me The Madden Curse!

Verse 2:

When I rap, I just add a brand new layer,

Give it up man, just call me the Pelé-r.

Challenging me is one big mistake,

When you just got burn just like your house of steaks.

Seriously, you just clearly lost this fight!

Go back to the bar and just maybe order a Budlight!


  • He is the 2nd Athlete to rap, the first was Brett Favre .
  • He is the first rapper to have an accent in his name

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