Professor X
A Professor X pic
Character information
Full name Charles Francis Xavier
Nickname(s) Professor X
The Good Shepherd
Bald Phoenix
First appearance September 10, 1963
The X-Men #1
Physical description
Hair None (Formally Blonde)
Eyes Blue
Rap battle information
Appeared in Professor X VS Shawn Spencer
Vs Shawn Spencer
Gus Guster
Release date July 2nd 2014

Professor X is a character that went up against Shawn Spencer and Gus Guster in Professor X VS Shawn Spencer. He was later backed up by Magneto.

Info About The RapperEdit

Charles Xiaver discovered he had psychic powers (read minds, move objects, etc) when he was a boy and trained himself through it. He later met Erik Lehnsherr aka Magneto to save the mutants however, trouble struck between the two of them as Charles wanted Mutants and Humans to live in peace when Erik didn't so they became frienemies (friend/enemy) and play chess with eachother time to time. Charles later about Xiaver's School For Gifted Youngsters where he trained mutants to control their powers and later became part of The X-Men, A Team he created.


Verse 1:

I'm the real deal here to give you the boot,

To this fake psychic, who's interest in a tropical fruit.

Who says being a psychic is really easy work,

Who just goofs off for an hour on the USA Network.

Looking through Cerebro and I see you have no powers,

But a con who solves crime with just a bald coward.

your a cop now, so stop spreading lies,

Its Bad Enough you get kidnapped by your own bad g-


Sigmund Freud VS Dr. Phil- He was in the audience with LinkBrett FavreWonder WomanSteve Burns,  Davy Jones (Monkees)Jim HensonÖtzi The Iceman, and Gordon Gekko


  • He is the first superhero to rap
  • He is the first rapper to be interupted.

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