Professor X VS Shawn Spencer

Professor X VS Shawn Spencer

Professor X VS Shawn Spencer
Dragon 3
Battle information
Release date July 2, 2014
Number 3
Views 74
Length 1:33
Previous Brett Favre VS Pelé
Next Steve Burns VS Pee-Wee Herman
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The 3rd installment of Dragon's rap battles features Professor X and Shawn Spencer to show whose more psychic, both backed up by Magneto and Gus Guster.

The BattleEdit

Professor X:

I'm the real deal here to give you the boot,

To this fake psychic, who's interest in a tropical fruit.

Who says being a psychic is really easy work,

Who just goofs off for an hour on the USA Network.

Looking through Cerebro and I see you have no powers,

But a con who solves crime with just a bald coward.

you're a cop now, so stop spreading lies,

Its Bad Enough you get kidnapped by your own bad g-

Shawn Spencer:

WOW! You just clearly dropped the mic,

Think you totally won this battle...PSYCH!

I'm a Psychic! And I Can Put Up A Fight!

Even the lie detectors just prove that i'm right!

You're raps are boring as your classes,

teaching mutants how to suck by the masses.

You're a paralyzed man, just look at your feet,

I'm gonna change my raps so just call me Mystique.


Charles! I Got This! Its Time For Magneto!

Against this guy who's probably comparable to Caputo!

All you do is find lost evidence like a hidden lost gem,

While I take Juliet to The House of M!

I'm like Quiksilver, cause my raps are fast,

While your childhood is just the days in the future's past.

This clearly proves that i'm the best!

Now Come On Charles, let get back to Chess.

Gus Guster:

ITS GUS TIME! And I got your back Shawn!

Cause these 2 bozos 3rd film failed more then Spawn!

You think you're good at rapping but you just metal bend,

Well I tell you, I just psyched you out in the end!


  • A few mistakes were shown in this one (Who was spelled Whp and Cause was added in a verse that wasn't heard)
  • It was hinted in Brett Favre VS Pelé.
  • The Beat is called "Mind Control" and can be found here
  • There are many grammar errors of you're with your
  • This is the first battle to have a 3rd Party
  • Steve Burns VS Pee-Wee Herman was hinted at the end