Shawn Spencer
Shawn 2 photoshop
Character information
Full name Shawn Butros Gali Spencer
Nickname(s) Ichabod Fletchman a.k.a. Sticky Icky
Shawn SpenceStarr
Levon Tostig
Dr. Howser
Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago
Die Hard
Juan Priestley
T-Bone Turner
ManiacManiac19, president pro temp of the Manic Fanclub
Mr. Shawn
Emilio Estevez Etht-eh-vez
Shawn "Search and Rescue" Spencer
Hickory Pot or Dry Gulf Slim
Shawn White
Shawno Rodriguez
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Soup Can Sam
Code Name: Dabney
Shawn Gthorndahl
First appearance July 7th 2006
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel
Rap battle information
Appeared in Professor X VS Shawn Spencer
Vs Professor X
Release date July 2nd 2014

Shawn Spencer is a character that went up against Professor X and Magneto in Professor X VS Shawn Spencer. He was later backed up by Gus Guster.

Info About The RapperEdit

Shawn Spencer is a character from Psych on The USA Network. He was trained under his dad to see the unseeable. He later became a "psychic" with his best friend Gus. He was in the police force with Juilet and Lassie. He solves crime by checking small evidence that the police don't notice and analyze it while by goofy at the same time.



WOW! Your just clearly dropped the mic,

Think you totally won this battle...PSYCH!

I'm a Psychic! And I Can Put Up A Fight!

Even the lie detectors just prove that i'm right!

Your raps are boring as your classes,

teaching mutants how to suck by the masses.

Your a paralyzed man, just look at your feet,

I'm gonna change my raps so just call me Mystique.


Don't believe me, look what you did to The Phoenix,

I sense now that someone is coming next,


  • Shawn Spencer is the first to interrupt a rapper
  • Shawn is the first TV character to rap

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