Snow White
Snow White png
Character information
Full name Snow White
Nickname(s) The Fairest in all the land
First appearance 1812
Snow White
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Jim Henson VS Walt Disney
Vs Jim Henson
Release date July 3rd, 2014

Snow White was one of the characters backing up Walt Disney went up against Jim Henson,Chuck Jones, and Hayao Miyazaki in Jim Henson VS Walt Disney. She would later appear in her own battle against Ramona Flowers in Snow White VS Ramona Flowers.

Info about the rapperEdit

Snow White was a story by The Grimm Brothers in 1812 but was adapted into the 1937 Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She's is  the first Disney Princess in the Disney Franchise. The story gives off a beautiful girl who according to The Magic Mirror was the fairest of them all. In rage, the evil queen tried to get a huntsman to kill her but instead he warned White instead as she ran into the forrest. In the forrest, she would find a cottage which was the home of The Seven Dwarves. She would friend these dwarves until one day, she recieved a poisonous apple from an old witch, the evil queen in disguise, where she was knocked out cold from the apple. This was until Prince Charming found her and kissed her to awaken her as they soon lived happily ever after.


Henson VS Disney: Verse 1:

We went from Snow White

Snow White VS Ramona Flowers: Verse 1:

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall

Whose raps are the dopest of them all?

Magic Mirror:

While Ramona's Raps are So Sad, So Very, Very Sad

so Snow White will win this rap, if that’s the answer I add

Verse 1 (Continued):

That’s right! For she’s a discount Chloe Price with more exes than Taylor Swift

With a Canadian Idiot for a boyfriend and let me ask you girl, Does he even lift?

For while I may have the creatures of the forest who’d do the chores and defend me

I’ll still go psycho on the mic more than Scott’s mind in an alternate killer ending

So like Julie Powers, someone should censor that little mouth of yours

Cause nobody wants to hear a word from this Punk Indie Whore!

Verse 2:

Make it rain huh, will that be enough to make up for the Box Office

I can make easier money just by being comatosed in a glass coffin

Now unto the topic of your little relationship, well I’m not gonna lie

Be cautious since the negative version of your boyfriend turns out to be the nice guy

With that and the fact he whines a lot shows your hero lacks the allegory

Instead he dumps girl after girl, he was better off in his desert purgatory

So Rollerblade your way outta here back to Jet Set Radio

For i’m the fairest of them all, you’re just some bitch from Toronto