Steve Urkel
Urkel Png
Character information
Full name Steven Quincy Urkel
First appearance December 15th 1989
Family Matters: Laura's First Date
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Steve Urkel VS Fonzie
Vs Fonzie
Richie Cunningham
Release date June 9th 2015

Steve Urkel is a character that went up against Fonzie and Richie Cunningham  in Steve Urkel VS Fonzie and was backed up by Stefan Urquelle.

Info About The RapperEdit

Steve Urkel is a character played by Jaleel White. He was originally suppose to be a one-time character but became a main due to his popularity in the show Family Matters. Steve had a nerdy personality, a high pitched vocie, and always broke things by accident replying with the iconic catch phrase "Did I do That?". He bothers the Winslow family as he has a crush with Laura and kept bothering her father, Carl. He has created many unique inventions including Switching Genes, An Atomic Bomb, Urkelbot, Making a clone who used to be a alternate personality named Stefan. He also plays the Accordian, Invented a dance called The Urkel, and in the Halloween episodes faces off against Stevil and Carlsbad, a evil ventriloquist puppet versions of them. Steve Urkel has become an major icon of the 80s and has become one the most iconic television characters in history.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Woah, woah, woah! No need to be dramatic!

It's just a smart guy against an auto mechanic.

You're nothing but TV's 1950's fad

While I fight for my life against Stevil and Carlsbad.

I'm always gaining intellegence just ask Urkelbot

Comparing your IQ, mines go far by a lot.

With an accordian to play to make sure you'll be good for a while,

But then I'll beat you senselessly in Mortal Kombat style!

Verse 2:

Did I do that? Better switch my genes

To be a better ripoff of Elvis Presley

My rap genes can also fight just like Bruce Lee!

To show off my science to show it's cool to be a geek!

Verse 3: I can do a better dance, I'm doing The Urkel

But if you want here's the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll

To go up against this souless ginger and dull as Fonz,

Allow to introduce my clone, Stefan!


  • He is the second youngest rapper to be in DRB, the first being Pinocchio
  • He is the fourth rapper to have more than 1 verse the rest being Sigmund FreudDr. Phil, and Fonzie
  • He is the third Steve to rap, the first two being Steve Burns and Steve

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