Steve VS Daniel Boone

Steve VS Daniel Boone

Steve VS Daniel Boone
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Battle information
Release date May 11th, 2015
Number 11
Views 66
Length 2:01
Previous Sigmund Freud VS Dr. Phil (Season 1 Finale)
Next Orson Welles VS Morgan Freeman
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The 11th Installment/The Season 2 Premiere of Dragon Rap Battles Features Steve and Daniel Boone to see who is the better survivalist.

The BattleEdit


New world, lets start by punching some trees

Sounds rough, but I am smooth as the rap beat.

What's your fur coat against my diamond armor

A Folk Hero? Please, you don't deserve that honor!

You became a wagoner at war, that's just pathetic!

I face Skeletons and Endermen with great athletics.

Don't mess with The Player or he's gonna beat ya!

Cause with those animals your killing, best watch for PETA!

Daniel Boone:

Really? PETA? You're the one to talk about that rule

Klling sheeps and pigs all thanks to your tools.

Get out of creative, for your no god!

Adn your game's been so long all because of your mods.

I went through the shawnees, and survived the cold

While your game is mostly played by 9 year olds

Got Kentucky as a state since my arrival,

While even Terrarria is a better game for survival!


I'd say it's time that we kick it up a Notch!

For it's my primetime according to my watch.

Better get The Nether Portal and push you to oblivion

Cause with my raps it's as hard as breaking Obsidian

With users all over to make some expansions

Minecons, Hunger Games, and Big Fancy Mansions

You'll be like an Abandoned Mine Shaft, You'll be buried deeper

My raps are just as explosive as a Creeper!

Daniel Boone:

Must be disconnected, I was looking for a Server

Survivalist? Please, more like a first person observer!

Why don't you just go back and hang with Master Chief

With a Flintlock Rifle, You know I got beef!

I don't care about your dragons and Wither for the villain

Instead I wonder why there's human squidwards in your village.

With an endless world, it's no wonder why your sources are unlimited 

But if you survived the real world, YOUR SOURCES ARE LIMITED!


  • The Beat used in this battle is called Taiji Beats - Natural (HIP HOP INSTRUMENTAL) and can be found here