Tenzing Norgay
Tenzing Norgay PNG
Character information
Birth name Tenzing Norgay
Born May 29th 1914 (Norgay)
Died May 9th 1986 (Age 71)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay VS Frodo and Sam
Vs Frodo and Sam
Release date May 30th, 2015

Tenzing Norgay was a part of the duo, Hillary and Norgay, that went up against Frodo and Sam in Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay VS Frodo and Sam.

Info About The RapperEdit

Namgyal Wangdi (May 29th 1914 - May 9th 1986) better known as Tenzing Norgay was a Sherpa Mountainteer known for his 1953 Mount Everest Expedition with Edmund Hillary and being the first to climb Mount Everest. After the expedition he was given The Order of the Star of Nepal by King Tribhuvan.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

Get to your hobbit hole if you don't wanna mess with us

cause we came to the top of dear Mount Everest.


just flown with the eagles!


For we are the two MCs to rule them all!

Verse 2:

Your winnings are more rare then a sight of a Yeti


and we proved Boromir wrong!


Since the start of this song!


No reason to bargain!