The Joker
The Joker PNG
Character information
Full name Jack
Nickname(s) The Joker
The Red Hood
The Clown Prince of Crime
First appearance April 25th 1940
Batman #1
Physical description
Hair Green
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Sigmund Freud VS Dr. Phil
Vs Sigmund Freud
Release date May 6th 2015

The Joker is a character that went up against Sigmund Freud in Sigmund Freud VS Dr. Phil. He was one of the patients from Dr. Phil.

Info About The RapperEdit

The Joker is the main villain against Batman since Batman #1 on April 25th 1940. He was once known as The Red Hood until he fell into some chemicals which turned him insane and gave him green hair and white skin. The Joker consists of Laughing Gas, Acid Flowers, and a ton of other deadly prank like objects. He gets assisted by Harley Quinn who was once a Akrham Asylum Psychologist who feel in love with The Joker.

Some of his biggest events were A Death in the Family which The Joker beat up Robin (Jason Todd) with a crowbar and left him to die in an explosion and The Killing Joke where The Joker shoots Barbera Gordon (Batgirl) making her paralyzed with her legs.

The Joker is one of the most iconic villains of all time being played in several forms of media by Caesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, Heath Ledger, and Jared Leto.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

HAHAHAHAHA! I'll sure be a talker!

Tricks up my sleeve and the voice of Skywalker!

I've got a Killer Joke ready for this bearded sucker,

So Dope, that I gave Heath Ledger an Oscar!

Analyze this psycho, and you'll be in for a spin,

don't believe me, just ask Harley Quinn.

Like Robin, I'll bring my crowbar on your behalf,

and beat you senselessly for I got the last laugh!

Scrapped Lyrics:

I'll beat you with a crowbar until you die,

and when you do tell Jason Todd I said hi!


Colonel Sanders VS Gordon Ramsay- He was in Hell along with Davy Jones (Pirate),ChernabogGordon GekkoTed BundyLight Yagami, and Dracula.


  • The Joker used in this was based around The Animated Series, voiced by Mark Hamill. Specifically during the time of The Justice League and Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker.
    • He is the 2nd rapper based on the DC Animated Version of themself, the other being Wonder Woman
  • He is the fifth villain to be in a Dragon Rap Battles, alongside Magneto, Davy Jones (Pirate) , Chernabog, and Gordon Gekko