The Vampires
Character information
Full name Count Dracula
Count Orlok
Prince Mamuwalde
Edward Cullen
Count von Count
First appearance May 26th 1897
Physical description
Hair Brown (Edward Cullen)
Grey (Dracula)
Black (Elvira, Blacula, and The Count)
None (Nosferatu)
Eyes Brown (Edward Cullen)
Black (Nosferatu, Blacula, Elvira, Dracula, and The Count)
Rap battle information
Appeared in Vampires VS Vampire Hunters
Vs The Vampire Hunters
Release date July 16th, 2015

The Vampires are a group that went up against The Vampire Hunters in Vampires VS Vampire Hunters.

Info about the rappersEdit

The Vampires contain DraculaNosferatuBlaculaElvira , The Count, and Edward Cullen. Vampires are creatures of the night as they suck blood on humans and turn them to vampires. They have strength and speed and can transform into bats. They can't be seen in mirrors. They have many weaknesses including Garlic, Chirstian Related Items (Cross, Holy Water, etc), Fire, The Sun (which turns them to ash), etc.



When it comes to rap battles, you need some enlightening

From a shadowpuppet master who makes a staircase frightening

Getting millions of phrase from my German Expressionism,

While your Hugh Jackman movie has mixed criticism

So go back to teaching about Fly Traps and Polyp creatures

Cause I got Telekinesis and Invisibility features!

Single Handedly killed the entire crew of The Empusa

While I laid in state in a coffin made of balsa.

The Count:

1......1 vampire killed ahahahahaha


Step on the mic for its Dracula's Soul Brother

When it comes to Blaxploitation Stars there ain't no other

Slapping foes in afros til I bite their necks

While even Sandman does a better job at killing the undead

You hunt down vampires and become a Nightstalker,

Until Morbius came down and made you a Daywalker

You should've learned not to rap against with this African Prince, Blade

Cause after this, I'll walk into the club for some Champagne

The Count:

2.........2 vampires killed ahahahahahaha


You shouldn't mess with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!

My raps will track you down like your dad's tatoo mark

I'm against a Juvenile and her Scooby-Doo Gang Recruit

Oh by the way, Mystery Inc. should probably give you a lawsuit!

This slaying cheerleader doesn't give me the chills

Flow so ill to cause a thrill in a Haunted Hills

I'm the greatest horror host since Rod Serling and The Crypt Keeper!

Your show may be good, but your movie was quite a sleeper

The Count:

3.......3 vampires killed ahahahaha

Edward Cullen:

Edward Cullen spitting out a dissin invasion

Against Konami's 2nd hand man when Solid Snake's on vacation

This New Moon is Breaking Dawn in the hearts of young teens

While all you do is whip through walls to find some old meat

I'm the greatest book to film adaptation since Harry Potter!

I survive earth shattering battles so why even bother?!

So whatever I guess.........I guess this can be your end

But I'd would rather fight that gay eskimo version of you from Captain N

The Count:

4..........4 vampires killed ahahahahaha


Time for the fight to end from The Creature of the Night

Hanging upside down since 1897 with old teeth left to bite!

These vampires you killed, they were just pure amateurs!

But step up to me, and you will be severly burned

Simon, You're a Vampire Hunter's Potrait of Ruin

Cause your N64 game left your franchise ruined!

and Buffy thinks Joss Whedon still cares about his creation

When she had that Buffybot aka that Terminator Abomination!

Nobody cares about Blade! We all prefer Ghost Rider!

It's Midnight Son, so back off from this Wesley Sniper

and it all starts with Helsing, my mortal enemy

Vampire Hunts was your idea and that was your most stupidity!

You can't take down the ruler of Transylvania

Cause we got vampires everywhere in every source of media!

The Count:

5.......5 vampires killed ahahahahaha

The Count:


The Count:

(sigh)......6 Vampires ahahahahahaha


  • This is so far the only time an entire team was killed