Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
Character information
Birth name Thomas Jefferson
Born April 13th 1743
Died July 4th 1826 (Age 83)
Physical description
Hair White
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Thomas Jefferson VS John Lackland
Vs John Lackland
Release date July 3rd, 2015

Thomas Jefferson is a character that went up against John Lackland in Thomas Jefferson VS John Lackland.

Info About The RapperEdit

Thomas Jefferson (April 13th 1743 - July 4th 1826) was the writer of The Declaration of Independence. Thomas later became The 3rd President of The United States of America and bought The Louisana Purchase from Napoleon. Despite his freedom goals, he was racist as he not only was a slave owner but bought slaves that would be force to have sex with him, including Sally Hemings who would later have 6 children because of him. Today, Jefferson has a memorial, a library, on the nickel and the 2 Dollar Bill.

The LyricsEdit

Verse 1:

It's the American rapper straight from Jamestown

To expand the colonies to take this King down!

When I heard Paul Revere say...

Paul Revere:


Verse 1 Continued:

I had the feeling that Old John was up to something.

I'm The King of Freedom compared to this squire!

And I'll make you fall more than The Angevin Empire

I'll add your defeat into my Library,

Cause when it comes to my raps, it's more than your pennies!

Verse 2:

Oh i'm not Equal?!? Says Mr. Crown on the shelf,

Gonna show you how we do it in Shadwell!

Over 240 Years as we Americans advance

While overtime you Britains keep being beaten by France!

800 Years of The Magna Carta and you failed the first time

Took you many years to finally get that part right!

Go back to having as many marriages as your mama!

Cause this Bill just Righted the Magna Carta!


  • Dragonsblood23 actually went to Jefferson's Library at The Library of Congress in D.C.