Jefferson VS Lackland YT Cover
Thomas Jefferson VS John Lackland

Thomas Jefferson VS John Lackland

Thomas Jefferson VS John Lackland
Cover jefferson vs lackland
Battle information
Release date July 3rd, 2015
Number 19
Views 77
Length 1:46
Previous Colonel Sanders VS Gordon Ramsay
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The 19th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles Features Thomas Jefferson and John Lackland, to see who is the better writer of freedom.

The BattleEdit

Thomas Jefferson:

It's the American rapper straight from Jamestown

To expand the colonies to take this King down!

When I heard Paul Revere say...

Paul Revere:


Thomas Jefferson:

I had the feeling that Old John was up to something.

I'm The King of Freedom compared to this squire!

And I'll make you fall more than The Angevin Empire

I'll add your defeat into my Library,

Cause when it comes to my raps, it's more than your pennies!

John Lackland:

At least they'll more occur than your 2 Dollar Bills,

Got more flow than The Boston Tea that you spilled.

Now at the part when you said "All Men Have The Right To Be Free"....

Did you forget Native Americans, Gays, Women, and Slavery?!?!

You claim for equality? Well isn't that great!

But if we moved further in years, you'd probably join The KKK.

Proving once and for all your Mr. 4th of Julies,

And You'll be as dead as your Embargo Act lies!

Thomas Jefferson:

Oh i'm not Equal?!? Says Mr. Crown on the shelf,

Gonna show you how we do it in Shadwell!

Over 240 Years as we Americans advance

While overtime you Britains keep being beaten by France!

800 Years of The Magna Carta and you failed the first time

Took you many years to finally get that part right!

Go back to having as many marriages as your mama!

Cause this Bill just Righted the Magna Carta!

John Lackland:

Your mouth is as big as John Hancock's

But when it comes to Jungle Fever you keep them locked.

Sure The Declaration was set once you written it

But it took 2 guys before you actual became president!

Yes the Magna Carta had a few deferent conditions

But at least your amendments had 2 sides when it comes to Prohibition!

It's Over! It's gonna get you screwed in anyway!

Don't Believe Me, Just ask Sally Hemings!


  • The Beat used in this battle is called Rap Beat 2012 - Paper Trace (Hip-Hop Instrumental) and can be found here
  • This battle was originally gonna be after Jack Black VS Jack White  but instead was swapped with Colonel Sanders VS Gordon Ramsay
  • This is the 2nd battle to be based on an event (4th of July, and the 800th year of The Magna Carta)
    • The first being Brett Favre VS Pelé (2014 World Cup)
    • however this is the first battle based on multiple events
  • This is also the first battle to have a YT Cover