Winnie The Pooh
Winnie The Pooh png
Character information
Full name Winnie The Pooh
Nickname(s) Pooh Bear
First appearance 1920
Winnie The Pooh
Physical description
Hair None
Eyes Black
Rap battle information
Appeared in Jim Henson VS Walt Disney
Vs Jim Henson
Release date July 3rd, 2014

Winnie The Pooh was one of the characters backing up Walt Disney went up against Jim Henson , Chuck Jones , and Hayao Miyazaki in Jim Henson VS Walt Disney .

Info about the rapperEdit

Winnie The Pooh is a charcter from the 1920 novel series Winnie The Pooh which was later expanded upon in film and TV by Disney. Winnie The Pooh is a bear who lives in the hundred acre woods and has a love for honey.


Verse 1:

You lost Henson Crew, now give us some honey!