Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 2
Character information
Full name Princess Diana of Themyscira
Nickname(s) Wonder Woman
Diana Prince
Princess Diana
Miss America
Goddess of Truth
First appearance December 1941
All Star Comics #8
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Rap battle information
Appeared in Xena VS Wonder Woman
Vs Xena
Release date July 10th, 2014

Wonder Woman is a character that went up against Xena in Xena VS Wonder Woman.

Info about the rapperEdit

Princess Diana was made of sand where she was later brought to life and raised within the amazons. She later took on the costume and equipment and took on the name of Wonder Woman. Her powers include Flight, Speed, and strength. She has braclets that deflect lasers and bullets, an Invisible Jet, a boomerang tiara, and The Lasso of Truth which make people tell the truth.


Verse 1:

They call me Diana, leader of the amazons,

Whose raps shall burn you, making this battle not to long.

But go ahead if you want, so called "warrior" fight me,

But compared to me, your just like Joxer The Mighty.

Think your better cause of your show, well gues what, I had one too.

Before your series, I still fought crime since 1942.

While you think of celebrating by eating the pig's carrion,

I'm filled with respect, you just hang with barbarians.

Verse 2:

NO NEED FOR YOUR LIES! I got the Lasso of Truth!

Taking you so far, you'll have to go back to your roots.

Its no "wonder" why viewers prefer Buffy,

They would rather choose a vampire slayer over someone who throws a frisbee!

Scrapped Lyrics:

People respect me, they see you as danger,

plus the fact you fight like Miss Piggy and The Pink Power Ranger!


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  • She is the first female to rap
  • She is the 2nd superhero to appear in Dragon Rap Battles. The First was Professor X.
  • The Wonder Woman used here was based on The Justice League Version