Character information
Full name Xena of Amphipolis
Nickname(s) Warrior Princess
Destroyer of Nations
Slayer of Gods
First appearance May 13th 1995
Hercules: The Legendary Journey
"The Warriors Princess"
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Rap battle information
Appeared in Xena VS Wonder Woman
Vs Wonder Woman
Release date July 10th, 2014

Xena is a character that went up against Wonder Woman in Xena VS Wonder Woman.

Info about the rapperEdit

Xena started as a villain in the show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys which later she became good in the show and got her own show in Septemeber, 4th, 1995. She fights againsts Warlords such as Draco, Greek Gods, Kings, and more. She is aided by her friends, Gabrielle and Joxer The Mighty.


Verse 1:

Dude, is that seriously what you call a rap plan,

Its confusing just like your romance with Superman AND Batman,

I "wonder" about your style, and I also wonder why...

You got an invisible jet even though you can fly.

Between you and me, I cleary Beat Ya!

I fight warlords, go back to fighting cheetahs.

I'm Lucy Flawless, and I take down Greek Gods too,

Just saying even Aquaman is better then you!

Verse 2:

Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyi! You Didn't, take on this girl of the land!

At least I wasn't born made of sand!

Your big screen will just fail thanks to Gal Gadot!

Now Come on Gabrielle, Diana just got burnt on the spot.

Scrapped Lyrics:

You got tight clothes thinking your so defient,

but your easier to take down then the blind giant