Xena VS Wonder Woman

Xena VS Wonder Woman

Xena VS Wonder Woman
Cover wonder woman vs xena
Battle information
Release date July 10th, 2014
Number 5
Views 365
Length 1:47
Previous Steve Burns VS Pee-Wee Herman
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The 5th Installment of Dragon Rap Battles features Xena and Wonder Woman to see who is the better warrior princess.

The BattleEdit

Wonder Woman:

They call me Diana, leader of the amazons,

Whose raps shall burn you, making this battle not too long.

But go ahead if you want, so called "warrior" fight me,

But compared to me, your just like Joxer The Mighty.

Think your better cause of your show, well guess what, I had one too.

Before your series, I still fought crime since 1942.

While you think of celebrating by eating the pig's carrion,

I'm filled with respect, you just hang with barbarians.


Dude, is that seriously what you call a rap plan,

Its confusing just like your romance with Superman AND Batman,

I "wonder" about your style, and I also wonder why...

You got an invisible jet even though you can fly.

Between you and me, I cleary Beat Ya!

I fight warlords, go back to fighting cheetahs.

I'm Lucy Flawless, and I take down Greek Gods too,

Just saying even Aquaman is better then you!


Wonder Woman:

NO NEED FOR YOUR LIES! I got the Lasso of Truth!

Taking you so far, you'll have to go back to your roots.

Its no "wonder" why viewers prefer Buffy,

They would rather choose a vampire slayer over someone who throws a frisbee!


Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyi! You Didn't, take on this girl of the land!

At least I wasn't born made of sand!

Your big screen will just fail thanks to Gal Gadot!

Now Come on Gabrielle, Diana just got burnt on the spot.